The average woman has 16 items of clothing that she never wears! But that doesn't stop her from tossing out her husband or boyfriend's stuff.

According to a survey done by the British Heart Foundation, one in seven women have thrown out their husband or boyfriend's clothes without telling him. Why? Because they don't like the way he looks in them.

One in seven have also thrown out an ex's clothes out of anger and one in 12 have destroyed clothing or other personal possessions belonging to an ex.

Other findings...

One in six people, men and women have thrown something out, only to find out later that it would have been worth a lot of money. And one in four have gone through the garbage to try and retrieve it.

While one in four people make it a practice to clean out their closet and throw things out after a break up. And most of them don't just get rid of their own stuff.

Bottom line guys, if you cherish that old ratty flannel shirt or pair of skanky track pants and you don't want your favorite Miami Vice Hawaiian Shirt to end up in the dumpster or Goodwill Box, hide them men. Hide them well!