Movoto blog has come up with what they're calling "10 South Dakota Stereotypes That Are Completely True." They've put together a pretty good list but I bet we can come up with a few more.

If you've spent any time in South Dakota, you know about the whole "East River/West River" thing. And of course we all think we're better than North Dakota (but only because we are)

Others that I bring into question are that we're always bored and we don't find Mount Rushmore exciting (I can think of a list of 'attractions' I'd put on that list before Mount Rushmore)

What are some other stereotypes that are accurate? I've heard plenty of people from the coasts think that we're 'unsophisticated' and easily entertained. That's sort of accurate. Instead of unsophisticated, let's just say we're simpler people with simpler tastes. I know coming from Minnesota I couldn't believe all the small town street dances every summer (and love them!) or the fact that we can have a half dozen or so people be wildly entertained simply by sitting around a bonfire.

People in the south think we're crazy or some kind of super humans to live in the climate changes we do (wind chills of -60 in the winter to heat indexes of 115 in the summer) I don't know about crazy or super human, but it seems like we're built out of something else that makes us flexible enough to deal with the extremes, knowing that we've got weekends like the one we're having right now. Or maybe they're right and we ARE crazy to stay through those brutal winters.

Check out the list above and let us know what else you think they missed.