Are you a compulsive person when it comes to making purchases? Or are you one of these people that likes to take your time and shop around? Looking for the absolute best price and making sure you really need the item in question.

Myself, I tend to lean on the compulsive side. When I see that hot looking new car, or that beautiful 60 inch 4D high definition TV, my mind is usually saying I've got to have it. And I mean now!

Too bad my bank account can't accommodate my spending desires most of the time.

There's new research out that says the average person decides whether they want to buy something within just 12 seconds of seeing it.

So as much as you decide to keep shopping around or debating whether you really want it or not, deep down, your mind's already made up.

During the study, researchers tested women shopping for clothes. 80% of them said an average shopping trip takes four hours, but 78% said they recognize exactly what they're going to buy within 10 to 15 seconds of seeing it.

So basically if I'm understanding this correctly, the other time spent walking around a mall or a department store is solely for the purpose of torturing your husband or boyfriend?  Making us poor bastards walk around looking at things you have no intention of buying.

Nice! I'm going to remember that one. That's for sure!

Source: Female First