Deep down in all of us there's a little daredevil hidden inside. Some of us are just a little more daring than others.

For instance there are people brave enough to hand feed an alligator, climb radio towers to change light bulbs for a living, walk a tightrope between two skyscrapers and even roller blade well into their 80's.

Evidently one of those types of individuals is living in Pimlico, South Carolina.

On Monday, a man in his 30's was driving across a bridge near Pimlico when he saw about 15-20 foot section missing. Now most people when they encounter something like that would slam on the brakes, turn the car around and find an alternate route to their destination. Right?

Not this guy. He instantly had a Dukes of Hazzard moment and decided to do his best Evel Knievel imitation. He slammed on the gas and somehow managed to successfully jump the missing bridge section to land safely on the other side.

You should know there was no ramp, and I have no idea how he succeeded. The laws of physics say something like this should never have worked.  But lucky for him it did!

Had he failed to accomplish this feat, he would have fallen about 25 feet onto some railroad tracks and either been seriously injured or perhaps even killed.

Talk about a crazy move! Somewhere out there Bo and Luke Duke are smiling upon hearing the news.

All this daredevil talk has me excited to give something dangerous a shot. I think later today I might touch my tongue to a 9 volt battery. Hopefully I'm still here tomorrow to talk about it!