Anyone with a friend or family member in the grip of drug and alcohol addiction knows what a difficult road it is. Finding someone who can help you navigate the tricky waters ahead is imperative if you're going to try and help this person in your life. Thankfully, here in Sioux Falls we have wonderful organizations which can educate and support you in the goal of seeking help for a drug and alcohol problem.

Tallgrass Recovery is one such organization. Their mission is to help individuals and families suffering from alcohol and drug addiction to get their lives back by discovering a new path; embracing a 12 step, spiritually based solution, with an emphasis on honesty, as well as personal and fiscal responsibility. They also offer residential and sober living homes, with mentors who provide support and guidance. All of this is done in anonymity with a commitment to confidentiality.

They also have a scholarship fund which offers financial help to people who want and need to get into recovery. This is where we as a community come in to help our friends and neighbors celebrate the great strides Tallgrass has already made and assist them with their ongoing mission.

Saturday, June 21st is the Summer Sober event at Tallgrass Recovery campus south of Sioux Falls. This event is open to everyone, just bring a lawn chair and join the celebration of sobriety. The day kicks off with a 5K around the 10 acre campus, followed by Yoga in the Pasture with Elizabeth Venrick. At 2:00 p.m. the painting of the Recovery Art Mural, which will be featured at this year's Recovery Art Show in September, begins.

The rest of the afternoon enjoy fellowship, a fabulous dinner spread for only a $5 donation, inspirational speakers and finally a giant bonfire! All funds raised go directly to the Tallgrass Scholarship fund to help more guests get the help they need.

For more information call (605) 368-5559 or toll-free 1-877-737-6237 or click here.