Karla Brown does the midday show here on the MIX 97.3 from 10am - 2pm. We love Karla. We have known Karla for years.

Everyone knows she is the pride of Wagner South Dakota. Everyone knows she loves Rick Springfield. Everyone knows she will punch you in the throat if you call her Patty Dee.

But here are 3 Things I'll bet you didn't know about Karla Brown:

1-Back in the day Karla used to be a pretty good baton twirler.

2-Karla doesn't like fruit (unless it's pumpkin pie) and she only likes 5 vegetables...corn, peas, potatoes, lima beans and hominy. 

3-Karla keeps dead flowers on her desk.

Ben Davis MIX 97-3
Ben Davis MIX 97-3