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Ask most women, and I'm fairly sure they will tell you, they'd love to have the natural beauty of say an actress like Jennifer Lawrence or Eva Mendes.

Believe it or not, if every woman was able to rock the totally natural look their entire adult life, they could all retire with three extra Kias in the garage!

That's because the average woman spends nearly $30,000 on her face in her lifetime according to the results of a new survey.

And if you're a woman, or know any, I'm sure you would agree that is not too hard to imagine. When you think about it, by the time you buy all the different types of makeup, moisturizers, lotions, fade creams and face wipes, a woman can spend nearly $450.00 every year on facial products.

With the average woman having roughly 65 years in her adult life, it all adds up to just under $30,000 throughout her lifetime. That is a whole lot of Mary Kay!

Oh yeah, that number doesn't take into account things like plastic surgery, Botox, eyebrow waxings or any other procedure most of the women you see on those Real House Wives shows have done on a seemingly monthly basis.

Factor all those procedures into the mix and you better get ready to add an extra zero or two to the total!

And just when you thought $30,000 was an outrageous number, here's another one, the average woman will also spend nearly $50,000 on just her hair alone throughout the course of her lifetime!

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Now that you’ve read that, I leave you with this thought, if the average woman spends around $80,000 on both her face and hair during a lifetime, imagine what Britney Spears spends? Yikes!