I might not be the crispest french fry in the basket, but even I think getting loaded in a cop shop parking lot is bad form. On Tuesday in Totowa, New Jersey a state trooper was in the parking lot of the police station getting ready for his evening shift when he smelled something strange. Being that he is a trained professional he knew the strange smell was Marijuana. He followed his nose to a car parked about two places down. Officer Tapia took a peek inside and found three passengers allegedly blazing a fatty. As reported by NJ.com, said Lt. Stephen Jones, "They didn't make the brightest decision on where to smoke their pot." The pals had 15 bags of dope and some ecstasy in the car. They were waiting for their buddy who was inside attempted to pick up an impounded car, was also charged. To quote my buddy Tim: "That stuff will make you S%#! all stupid".