The 4th Annual Homegrown Sioux Falls Tour de Coop is happening this weekend. It’s a guided tour of urban chicken coops and gardens Saturday (September 12) so that you can get more information on what it’s like to have your own chickens.

"Chickens are kind of like the multi-purpose animal," explains Veronica Shukla with Homegrown Sioux Falls. "They give you fresh eggs, companionship, pest control, fertilizer - all kinds of little things rolled up into a little ball of feathers."

She says sometimes owning chickens is misunderstood.

"There's this perception of chickens are dirty, or they're smelly, or they're loud, but really it depends on how you keep them."

And what about the noise?

"Roosters are the ones that do that and roosters are not allowed in the city limits. You can have up to six hens. The hens do make some noise, but not the early morning alarm clock that we are used to talking about with roosters. And there are some restrictions as to how far you can keep them from the house, so that helps keep down on the noise as well."

At each garden/coop the volunteer will take 10 minutes to give a presentation and then time for questions.

Visit the Homegrown Sioux Falls’ Facebook page for more details