This should be a no-brainer for me but for some reason I can't come up with five burgers that have surnames.

I'm talking about the best ones within a short drive. Less than Minneapolis.

Take a look at the four below. These were easy.  And all delicious!

  • Big Bob

    Right here in Sioux Falls.  1/2 lb. burger, Swiss cheese, onion, bacon and barbecue sauce.

    Maureen O/Yelp
  • Jucy Lucy

    Fear The Cheese at Matt's Bar in Minneapolis.  Cheese buried in the middle of the burger explodes on the first bite.

    Jonathan L/Yelp
  • Charlie Boy

    Best road trip burger ever! Made of loose meat with white pepper, pickle and cheese.

    Jim D/Yelp
  • Sloppy Joe

    Tomato base ground beef with minced onions.  The stand-by for most mom's and a favorite at the small town baseball game. Or, at any B & G Milky Way in Sioux Falls.

    Matt F/Yelp