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    5 Things For Tuesday

    Two teenagers who police say robbed a girl at gunpoint were arrested in eastern Sioux Falls on Monday night.

    The robbery apparently took place around 5:30pm on Monday a at residence on East 18th Street.

    A girl said the two teens stole a cell phone after knocking on her door and showing a gun.

    The two teens were apprehended around the area of 1400 S. Bahnson Ave. One of the teens was carrying a gun.

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    TV Star Writes About Mount Rushmore

    Soap opera actor Richard Ceresai, from 'General Hospital', has written a book about his parents' work on Mount Rushmore.

    Ceresai's father was a sculptor who worked on Mount Rushmore in 1940. The book is titled "Love Letters from Mount Rushmore: The Story of a Marriage, a Monument, and a Moment in History."

    You can find the book for about $30 bucks at most book stores.

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    South Dakota Free Fishing & Camping

    he Department of Game, Fish and Parks says its annual open house is this weekend, May 17-19.

    You can fish without a license anywhere in the state, and entrance fees are waived for everyone visiting South Dakota's state parks.

    South Dakota has some of the best state parks in the nation. Enjoy!

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    Tuesday Weather From the NWS

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    More 'Road Rage' in America

    A roadside assistance service company called AutoVantage just released the results of a survey on the state of ROAD RAGE in America in 2014 . . . and compared what they found to their results from the same survey in 2009.

     Here's how road rage has evolved over the past five years . . .

     1.  We've lost our composure.  Honking is up 12%, cursing at other drivers is up 8%, SHAKING OUR FISTS at other drivers is up 4%, and giving the finger to other drivers is up 3%.

     2.  We're driving safer . . . mostly.  Talking on your phone while driving is down 15%, speeding is down 12%, eating and driving is down 12%, and tailgating is down 6%.  But texting and driving is up 9%.

     3.  Houston is now the top road rage city in the U.S.  Portland, Oregon is the most polite.