About the only thing I have in common with Indiana Jones is that "I hate snakes".  A strange little event took place again this weekend in Sweetwater, Texas.  The annual “Rattlesnake Roundup”.   A whole bunch of rattlesnake hunters go out and capture as many rattlesnakes as they can.  The Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundupers will corral an estimated 5,000 pounds of rattlesnakes.  After the snakes are displayed they will be “harvested”.  The meat will be used in lots of tasty ways.


According to National Geographic the event has been ongoing since 1958, attracts about 30,000 people each year and has a reported economic impact of $5 million.

At each event, the snakes are measured, sexed, and weighed for the state's wildlife department for management purposes. Once skinned, the meat is cooked and the skins are made into belts, wallets, boots, and other products.

To be honest I would try the meat from a snake, I would wear a belt made of snake, but never ever would I “Sex” a snake.