If you're anything like me, you have a propensity to misplace things.

This weekend was no exception, as I misplaced my iPhone for a brief period of time on Saturday.

As you know, losing your smartphone these days has a tendency to send your world into a tailspin. I was preparing to go Christmas shopping, when I couldn’t locate my iPhone.  It derailed my train for the better part of two hours as I tore apart my house trying to find it.

So when I ran across this information it caught my attention right away.

Evidently 6:00PM on Saturdays during the month of December is the most dangerous time of the year to lose things. This is according to research done by Mozy.

More items are misplaced at 6:00PM on Saturdays in December than at any other time of the year.

Why? Supposedly the transition from work to weekend and Saturday afternoon Christmas shopping to Saturday night parties, appear to create the perfect storm for losing things. More items go missing on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays than the rest of the week combined.

Just a heads up, watch out if you're traveling this holiday season in the cities of Chicago, New York and Atlanta. Those three cities report the most lost or stolen items than in any other city in the nation. The study says those three cities form the Bermuda Triangle for lost property.

Other findings from the Mozy study:


  • 39.5% of Americans lose two or more belongings each year.
  • Less than half of the lost items are ever recovered.
  • The most commonly lost item is your smartphone-which accounts for 40% of all items lost by men and 33% by women in the United States.
  • Other items commonly misplaced include: various electronic gadgets, such as smartphone’s, laptops, and portable media players. Jewelry made the list quite frequently, along with keys, bank/credit cards, ID’s and wallets/purses.
  • 55% of lost items find their way home courtesy of a kind stranger, compared to just 12% of items that were rediscovered by their owners.

I finally found my smartphone. It had slipped out of my coat pocket and fell on the floor in the backseat of my wife’s car. Hey, it only took a couple of hours and two blood pressure pills to find it!