Ronnie Kaufman/Larry Hirshowitz/Getty Images

Thanksgiving is a day carved out of the year to spend with family giving thanks right?

Sometimes it doesn't always work out that way. On occasion it can be a very stressful day that culminates in a real knockdown drag out fight if you're not careful.

Some of that stress and hard work can be completely avoided, if you simply decide to go out for Thanksgiving dinner.

Here are few reasons to ditch the dinner at home and take the family out for a meal on the road:

  • No cooking all day
  • No one will complain about your cooking
  • No leftovers that you feel guilty about throwing out a few days later
  • No kids accidentally spilling gravy or cranberry sauce all over your carpet
  • No turkey sandwiches for two weeks
  • Somebody waits on you for a change
  • Expensive liquor means fewer drunken rants from obnoxious family members
  • And probably the best reason, once the Tryptophan kicks in and you start to feel sleepy, it's nap time baby! There are No Dirty Dishes to clean up! (Enough said!)


Whether you and your family decide to stay in, or go out, have a Happy Thanksgiving!