As if Fargo, North Dakota needed another reason to be known as the 'Drunkest City In America', Marcus Theaters is asking the city of Fargo to allow beer, wine and liquor to be served at the 14 screen West Acres Cinema complex.

Marcus Theaters, the movie theater company, already offers alcohol at theaters in Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

The changes are part of a multi-million dollar upgrade to the theaters that also include state-of-the-art screens and brand new seating.  According to Marcus Theaters, the addition of alcohol to the menus is all part of a national trend that is allowing pizza, sandwiches and other foods into theaters.  Marcus Theaters already has three full service restaurants and six lounges in theaters in other states.

Marcus Theaters has made the request for the liquor license, which is needed to add the alcohol to the movie theaters.  But Fargo Police Chief Keith Ternes, who is also on the Fargo Liquor Control Committee has concerns about the request of the liquor license being issued to movie theaters.

I'll need some convincing as to why the city should carve out yet another in a long list of liquor licenses for another business niche.

Source:  Miami Herald