On Thursday we reported on this story concerning the ABC TV reporter who was attached by dogs while trying to interview a lady at her home.  (The original story and video are below.)

Since then we have recieved many comments concerning the fact that it was pit bulls that were involved in the attack.  Here are some of those comments:

What do you think?

(ORIGINAL STORY) In Sioux Falls and all around South Dakota there has been an on going Pit Bull controversy.  Are Pit Bull attacks a result of breeding, bad pet owners, or a combination of both?

It is horrible dog owners like this that help give Pit Bulls the bad rap that they get.

The Associated Press is reporting that a Rhode Island TV station says a woman threw a rock, waved a baseball bat and urged her dogs to attack a news crew reporting on a kindergarten graduation party shooting.

WLNE-TV reports that its cameraman and reporter were trying to speak with the mother of a victim Tuesday after a teenage boy turned himself in to police. The girl was shot in the back and is recovering.

Video shows the mother, Melissa Lawrence, throwing a rock at them, wielding a baseball bat, screaming "Get away from me," and directing her two pit bulls to attack. The dogs are shown biting reporter Abbey Niezgoda on her forearm.

WLNE says Niezgoda received a tetanus shot.

Lawrence was arrested and was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday on felony assault charges.