Just in case some of us have forgotten the real reason we celebrate Memorial Day, I've rounded up some facts.

  • Memorial Day was first celebrated in 1866 in Waterloo, New York as a tribute to those who died in the Civil War
  • Congress declared Memorial Day (also referred to as "Decoration Day") a national holiday in 1971, to be celebrated the last Monday in May every year
  • In 2000, President Clinton signed the National Moment of Remembrance act, designating 3:00 p.m. local time on Memorial Day each year as the National Moment of Remembrance
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I thought perhaps we all need a reminder now and again as to why we celebrate this holiday. Yes, it is the official start of the summer/vacation season. Yes, it is a great time to get together with family & friends for picnics, barbecues and fish frys.

It is not about the savings at your favorite retailers, although judging by all of the sales and sales flyers around, that is an argument I'll never win! It is also not about drinking and driving, so please let's all be careful out there!

One Sioux Falls retailer is helping to remind us all what Memorial Day is all about. Nyberg's Ace has purchased 1,000 roses to give to customers this Saturday and Sunday, so that they can lay the flowers on the grave of a veteran. This is a national program which Nyberg's Ace has proudly introduced here in Sioux Falls. Because Nyberg's Ace made this purchase, the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation will also place another 600 roses on graves at Arlington National Cemetery.

The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation has been laying flowers on veteran's graves in Arlington National Cemetery since 2011 and now partners with retailers, florists and civic groups to honor veterans and remind us of the true reason for this patriotic holiday.

So- - if you're going to shop anyway, take a moment to remember, too!