I've got a gardening buddy with a great space for a vegetable garden and this past weekend we began! Three loads of well matured manure had already been spread on the 39x75 foot garden. Thanks, again, to my gardening friend.

Even with all the space we have to work in, we put in some raised beds. Raised beds let you have control over the soil quality in a very confined space. These wonderful beds are 12x4 feet. The four foot width allows for planting and weeding from either side without compacting the soil around the plants.

Because we didn't spray for thistles we lined the bottoms with cardboard. I've started perennial beds by putting down paper bags over the grass and had great success with that technique. We're hoping that the cardboard will do the trick here.

Debbie Graham/Results Radio

Some of the soil was added back into the boxes with composted top soil. One bed has strawberries and raspberries and the other has kale, carrots, and lettuce. After planting, we topped it with cypress mulch.

Debbie Graham/Results Radio

Then the rain came and now very cool overnight temperatures are expected. The lesson from Mother Nature; do your best, plant an extra row, and keep a sense of humor!