The unemployment rate continues to inch down, indicating more people have found jobs. Economists continue to confuse us as they analyze all the various aspects of each jobs report.

Things like how many jobs were added, how many people stopped looking for work and list goes on. But we never hear about certain things from the experts.

Things like how many people are happy with their jobs, how many jobs have a creepy boss and I'll think of some others.

Right now I'm here with this jobs report! Who, in America's work force, has an unusual job?

Look at these answers! How would you like to get up every morning and go to one of these bread winning positions?

  • Bingo Announcer
  • Rodeo Clown
  • Drawbridge Tender
  • Eye Glass Buffer
  • Fingerprint Analyzer
  • Urine Analyzer
  • Telemarketer For A Cemetary
  • Zoo Artificial Inseminator
  • Prison Guard

And you thought you had a weird job. After reading this, my job seems a little brighter.

I like to do 'Top 10' lists. The list above is only 9, so I'm putting in 1 more for good measure.

  • Lifeguard At Nude Beach (remember that not all people at nude beaches are pretty undressed, and you may have to touch one of them)