Sometimes it's the obvious ingredients in 'not so obvious' places that make the meal.

Last night my son Logan helped out with supper. My wife had left him explicit instructions how to prepare supper. It was a dinner we've had a hundred times before. It's a house favorite. I'm sure you've had it at your house too.

Brown some pork chops, put em in the oven with some rice and cream of mushroom soup and let 'er buck.

That's good. No question.

Yesterday afternoon when my wife and I were working, Logan was working in the kitchen. He took the usual recipe and put his twist on it.  He browned the pork chops and instead of the rice soup mix, just put them in on top of potatoes, cut up like french fries.

That alone would have been pretty good, but he added an ingredient. Chili Pepper.

Just a bit. Just enough to make you ask, 'What is that taste I can't quite make out?'

Try it sometime when you make pork chops. Just sneak a little bit in. It was a nice curve ball for dinner last night.