Another Monday, another meeting.

Monday's are famous for work related meetings. And chances are you might have one or two on your at-work itinerary today.

The question becomes, do you despise them as much as the average American?

According to a new survey, the general consensus is that most Americans feel at work meetings are a waste of time.

The survey found on average one-quarter of the time you spend in meetings is completely wasted. Usually with chit chat and other non-work related stuff.

What annoys people the most about work meetings, is when the person holding the meeting doesn't have a clear agenda in place, so the meeting lasts way longer than it should.

Then there's the supervisor who does have an agenda, but ends up going off on a number of different tangents.

How about the meeting that doesn't end on time, there's something that's guaranteed to drive an employee crazy! Or worse yet, how about the meeting that doesn't start on time.

9 out 10 times you can usually chalk that up to some corporate jack bag that can never seem to get his or her conference call started on time. We all know their time is so much more important than ours right?

I think a couple of my own personal favorite time wasters when it comes to work related meetings are being forced to participate in a meeting that doesn't involve you in any way. Talk about unproductive time.

Or how about the meeting where an employee refuses to shut up while the supervisor is talking. How many times have you been in one of those, where an employee spends the entire time flapping their yap to a fellow co-worker, or they ask a multitude of inane questions that forces the meeting to drag on and on and on?

In situations like that, you can only hope that somebody brought some kick butt donuts or bagels right?