Have you noticed how parts of our childhood are disappearing, piece by piece by piece?

You don't see telephone booths anymore. What happened to those big TV antenna's on rooftops of houses? When's the last time you asked an operator to place a collect call to Dad or Mom to ask for money? Ahhh...the good old days.

And now, we've lost another childhood icon to the dustbin of board game history. Yep, say "so long" to the iron.

There we were, sitting around the kitchen table, me, my brother, my mom and my dad. The Monopoly game spread out, money divided up, dice in hand and time to choose our Monopoly piece. Race car? Dog? Top Hat? Which do you want?

Well, truth be known, in the interest of honesty, nobody wanted the iron. It was always the last token taken, if it was taken at all.

But it didn't mean we didn't love it! Sure, it was the runt of the litter, the Chicago Cub of the Monopoly game. But it was a part of it. Heck, if it somehow got lost in the shuffle of putting the game away, the next time that would be the one piece I wanted. Why? Because I couldn't have it and it would be something to whine about!

But alas, the iron is no more. Gone. Kaput. Discarded. Tossed away. Gone to live with Blacksmith shops, telegraph buildings and the Pony Express. Now we have a cat. A cat. The people have spoken and Monopoly listened.

So good-bye then, oh sturdy and strong iron. Rest easy amongst the other discarded memories of childhood.

Now please folks, don't vote the Race Car off and replace it with a Kardashian figurine. Let's leave well enough alone.