Most men are afraid of the kitchen!

Now don't get me wrong, men have no problem spending time in the kitchen devouring a wonderful meal that was prepared by their significant other. It's just the preparation of the meal itself that makes most guys have an aversion for the kitchen in the majority of households.

Only one out of every nine family meals are cooked by a man according to a new survey. If you think about it, that means guys help out with less than one dinner a week.

The main reason men tend to stay out of the kitchen is because a large number of them simply don't know how to cook.

The survey revealed that one third of men only know how to make three different dishes. If you guessed spaghetti as being one of their go-to meals you would be correct.

One in ten men claim they don't know how to cook anything at all!

I tend to fall into that category, I'm sorry to say. Although, I do make a wicked bowl of oatmeal. Do I get any points for that?

Don't count on things changing any time soon. Younger men are almost as bad at cooking as the older generation. One in eight guys under age 25 say they don't know how to cook a single meal.

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