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How many times have you heard someone say, if you want to stop having sex, just get married.

Well, come to find out, there might be some truth to that.

A new study from Female First shows that being in a relationship will ruin your sex drive.

Two out of three women they spoke with said being in a relationship with someone killed their sex drive over a period of time. Half of the men surveyed said the exact same thing.

After about three years of being together, the average couple lost interest in having sex with each other. The main reason, it just wasn't exciting any longer. Being too busy and having kids were other two other major sex drive killers.

According to experts, outside of stress and depression here are some of the other reasons couples stop having sex:

  • You follow the same sex script. You need to break the routine and mix it up in the bedroom.


  • A disrupted sleep schedule. Exhaustion is a huge passion killer.


  • Too much technology. Being connected to the net too often, can create a real disconnect in the bedroom.
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  • One too many drinks, or hitting the bottle too frequently can leave you lacking in the lust department.


  • You hit the couch, not the gym. Weight training and good cardiovascular exercise can be a great sex-life booster. 

Problems really start to happen when one person in the relationship starts to lose their sex drive and the other one doesn't.

One in four men said they've dumped their mate because she didn't want to have sex enough or she simply lost interest in having sex.

One in five people surveyed said that if a partner didn't want to have sex anymore, it was now acceptable to start cheating on them.

Do you agree or disagree? What are your thoughts?