Most women have no problem putting together the obligatory "honey-do-list" for their husbands or significant others. But, there are a few women out there who refuse to have their spouse even attempt to help with the simplest household chores.

I have a female friend who has given her husband explicit instructions not to even begin to try the following: making the bed, doing the dishes, setting the table, doing the laundry or whipping up a little something in the kitchen.

My friend claims that her husband is so bad at doing most of those things that she doesn't even want him to attempt to do them any longer.

Personally, I think the guy is employing the old Ray Ramano strategy. Do the chores so badly you'll never be asked to do them again.

If that’s the case, the man is a genius and has become my new Elvis!

Now if I could only pull that same thing off at my house. Problem is my wife is way too smart. She would know exactly what I'm up to in a heartbeat.

Come to think of it, I'm fairly sure my wife is the happiest when I have the dishwasher loaded, the bathroom cleaned and the laundry folded. Yeah, I know, I sound like make a great housewife don't I?

So what’s it like at your house? Are you the type of woman who handles most of the household chores yourself, or do you have your man cooking dinner, mopping floors and scrubbing pots and pans?