Most people think they're good drivers; at least that is what a new survey from Ford revealed.

99% of adults according to the survey seem to think they're a good driver, even though 76% admit to eating or drinking behind the wheel. The survey also found, 55% speed, 53% talk on a handheld phone, 37% drive when they're too tired and 25% will search their phone for contacts.  (I witnessed someone on 41st street over the weekend doing at least 3 of those things at the same time!)

Don't forget, if you live here in Sioux Falls, you're going to want to stop texting behind the wheel too. Starting September 28, if you get caught, it will result in a fine up to $200.00 and 30 days in jail! You won't be "lol" if that happens!

Drivers taking the survey said they want systems that alert them of a car in their blind spot or behind them in a parking spot, or a steering wheel that vibrates when they drift out of a lane. Drivers prone to drowsiness said they'd like something that will illuminate on the dash when they stray too often suggesting they might be getting tired and need a break.