Ballyscanlon/Getty Images

Chances are if you're on Facebook, you have a number of Facebook friends that aren't, how should I say, really your closest friends.

In some cases you might not even really like the person. Maybe you keep them as a friend just to keep tabs on them?

Well now there's a new app that figures out which Facebook friends you hate and whether or not they hate you back.

The app is called Hate With Friends. When you use it, you look through your friends on Facebook and click on the people your secretly hate.

If any of those same people happen to be using the Hate With Friends app as well, and let's say they happen to pick you as someone they hate too, you both get an alert that there's a mutual hatred.

But if only one of you is a hater, not to worry, there won't be an alert sent out. It will stay one person's little secret. You'll be free to continue to sit back and secretly despise that person from afar for the rest of your life.

Is it just me, or does this whole thing sound somewhat Junior High Schoolish?  Ah, social media and the world we live in. Isn't it grand!

You can check out the app and become a "hater" at