Denis Kartavenko/Getty Images

The spending and savings habits of men and women are quite different.

According to a new study from men are better at saving up for retirement than women.

The average man has $50,632 in his 401k, compared to $39,320 for women. Men also had 72% more in their IRA's.

At first glance it appears men are better overall savers than women. But that’s somewhat misleading, because men actually tend to make more money on average than woman. The research found that the typical woman makes 77 cents for every dollar a man makes.

Regardless of our savings habits, there are some clear differences when it comes to the way both men and women spend money.

For instance, guys spend more on booze. The average man spends $500.00 annually on alcohol. (I can remember nights in the 80's when it seemed like I would come close to spending $500 in a single night! But that's a story for a different day.)

Women on the other hand, spend around $216.00 each year. That’s probably because men are always buying them drinks.

Women are far more generous than men. As a matter of fact, households that are headed up by a woman, give almost twice as much to charity than those run by a man.

Both men and women like to shop when they're feeling depressed. When women are down in the dumps, they head to the store for a little retail therapy to buy clothes, food and shoes in that order.

Men open up their wallets for things like electronics, music and movies.

Finally, women are more likely to search for a deal before buying an item. The average woman tends to take 40% longer than a man when making a purchase.

Well duh! Everyone knows that women love to browse while they shop. While men know what they want, they find out where it's at and they go get it!