Here come the holidays! Once again you get the privilege or maybe you view it more as a chore of hanging out with the in-laws for 2, 3, 4, maybe even more day’s in-a-row!

Are you equipped to survive in-law hell again? According to family therapists, there are a few tips a person must know to ease the pain of the holidays with your in-laws:

  • Negotiate Where to Celebrate- Maybe travel to the in-laws for Thanksgiving and stay home for Christmas.
  • Less is More- Set up the number of days you think you can handle being around the out-laws and then subtract one.
  • Travel at Off-Peak Times- That way you'll arrive rested and ready for battle with Uncle Harry who loves to fight about politics.
  • Choose Your Battles- Decide what matters. When it comes to the health, safety and values of you and your family, stand your ground! However, you can’t say no to everything they want to do. Occasionally, you'll have to let some things go and bite your tongue.

Thankfully, this crazy time only comes around once a year! Remember, when all else fails, you can always take the advice of Grandpa Griswold and rely on a little help from your old friend Jack Daniels!