How much time do you spend online at work? Ok, out that time, how much is actually doing something that pertains to your job?

According to a new study from Kansas State University, almost all of the time people spend on online while at work is wasted.

There's a new term for it, and it's called "Cyberloafing."

Cyberloafing is said to take up as much as 80 percent of the time people spend online at work! Yikes!

The research also revealed that normal work guidelines designed to monitor and keep in check Internet use are not enough to stop workers from screwing around online on the job.

Be honest. So far this week, how much time at work have you spent on Facebook or other social network sites? How about playing online games, answering personal emails or instant messaging friends, using portals like Yahoo or AOL, shopping online or even watching videos or movies while on the clock.

All of these activities are time bandits for employers and according to the study many bosses are getting ready to crack down hard on employees caught Cyberloafing.


Quick, minimize YouTube, here comes your boss now!