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What’s that, got a big date in your future, don't botch it up by wearing the wrong color.

Men and women were recently asked what colors are the best and worst to wear on a first date. The resounding answer from both sexes for the absolute worst color is, YELLOW!

If you own something yellow keep it in your closet. Neither sex seems to be diggin' that color at moment. In addition to yellow, men aren't too crazy about browns on a woman either, while women say the least attractive colors on a man are yellow and pink.

So what kind of colors should we be wearing? Women need to take a hint from Chris de Burgh, men love a "Lady in Red." The color red is the most attractive color on a woman according to men, followed by blue, green, black and purple.

Women on the other hand, they like their men in gray. The colors black, green and white on a man also scored high with the gals.

Don't underestimate the power of wearing the right color on a first date. 92% of the people surveyed in a relationship said they remember the exact color the other person was wearing on their first date. And about two-thirds say it affected how attracted they were to them.

Ladies, this Chris de Burgh "Lady in Red" video will serve as good reminder of the right color to wear on your next big date.

 Source: Daily Mail