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Now that the kids are back in school, I'm willing to bet you spent a bundle outfitting them for the new school season?

I read recently that the average family spends nearly $500.00 on back to school clothes for their kids.

Ask any parent and they'll tell you, kids gotta have all the designer labels and name brands. They can't be seen without wearing the coolest kicks (those are shoes if you're old like me) and the hippest jeans.

It all adds up to big bucks, really quick!

Then you need to factor in all the school supplies required and you've just given your credit card an extensive workout!

What's interesting, as mom is out there shopping for the latest styles for her children, she's also outfitting herself for the new school year as well.

According to a new survey, the average mom spends $135.00 on back-to-school clothes for herself!

Yep, it's not enough to make sure your kid looks cool for the first day of school; mom needs to look her best too.

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So, what's mom buying? It's the usual suspects, a combination of new clothes, jewelry, beauty treatments and don't forget shoes.

Single moms are the most likely candidates to spruce up their wardrobe around back to school time.

And they have their reasons for doing it too.

Most want to make sure they're always looking their best when they drop off the kiddos at school, with the hope that one of their kids has a handsome, single teacher or single dad they can meet.

Moms have another very good reason for going on a back to school shopping spree, after spending the entire summer being the number 1 shuttle bus driver for baseball practice, baseball games, movies and all those other summer activities, they've earned some mall time without screaming kids around. Enjoy it!