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I'd love to hear what the parents of a child who just turned one have to say about this subject.

According to a recent study, parents fight 187 times the year after their first child is born. Which means there’s a good chance their neighbors heard a few pots and pans being tossed around and an assortment of colorful language emanating from their house about once every other day.

So much for the theory that a baby will help fix an already rocky relationship I guess?

The good news, most of the fights tend to be minor. So you can probably forget about the hurling pots and pans at each other part.

If you guessed whose going to change the baby's diaper next as the cause for the majority of fights, you'd be right.

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33% of the arguments revolved around diaper duty, followed by who gets to get up next in the middle of the night to feed that hungry little bundle of joy.

This leads to another problem that most parents of a new born have, lack of sleep.

During the child's first year, most new parents said they averaged only 4 hours and 20 minutes of shut-eye each night. That's bound to create a few cranky moms and dads out there.

Another problem that new parents struggle with during the first year of a child's life is the feeling of neglect. One in five new parents feel neglected after having a baby, with 22% complaining that they received less attention from their husband or wife because of it.

Do you suppose Prince William and Kate Middleton will experience these same types of problems during the first year of George's life?

I'm guessing no. But the royal nanny and her husband might.