High school was no picnic the first time around, (for me anyway) so why anyone would voluntarily go back in their 30's, (as a student) is beyond my scope of understanding! But, this is exactly what one Texas woman did and now she is in jail for failure to identify herself and giving false information.

Charity Stevens, (aka Charity Johnson) posing as a 15-year-old, enrolled as a sophomore in a Christian school in Longview, Texas with the help of a woman who acted as her guardian. The women had met at a McDonald's where they both worked. Charity indicated she had been abused, her parents had died and she had nowhere to live.

Tamica Lincoln gave her a home, bought her clothing, met with the girl's teachers to check on her progress and indicated she was shocked by Charity's arrest and the information which followed, including the facts that Charity was a 31-year old woman with a police record. By all accounts she was a good student and well-loved by her teachers and friends. There apparently were tears, by many of the duped, when she was cuffed and stuffed.

In fact as I was researching this story, I found a number of people attempting the same thing in cities across the country. I'm sure there are many reasons a person would attempt this kind of deception; financial, emotional, legal, - -but, I cannot think of a single benefit that could be offered to me, which would incline me to return to that time in my life!