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It’s no secret that men and women definitely can have their moments behind the wheel of a car. Both sexes display less than stellar behavior from time to time.

According to a new survey from Yahoo Autos, men and women are equally guilty when it comes to road rage. Their techniques just differ a bit.

For instance, women are far more likely than men to curse and flip off other drivers in front of the kids. Evidently women are more impatient than men too, as they're more apt to go out of turn at a four-way-stop.

Men on the other hand, like to hop on the horn when they encounter slow drivers, cut to the front when merging, steal parking spots, turn on their brights to antagonize someone and key another person’s car, when that person makes them mad.

Based on those findings, I think I'd give the road rage award to dad, with mom coming in a close second.

Here are the nine rudest things people do behind the wheel according to the survey:

  • Honk at someone for driving too slowly.


  • Curse at other drivers while your kids are in the car.
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  • Flipping the "bird" to someone while driving.


  • Go out of turn at a four-way-stop.


  • Cut to the front of a line of merging cars.


  • Steal a parking spot that someone else was waiting for.
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  • Door dinging or hitting another car, then driving away.


  • Flashing your brights just to antagonize another driver.


  • Keying someone's car.

I think we need to give some honorable mentions to all those drivers that like to tailgate cars, chase down cars that cut you off in traffic and the drivers that speed up, just so you can't pass them. Like the dude I encountered driving the blue Mustang the other day on I-229, thanks a lot buddy!