Did you know your bathroom is a dangerous place?

I'm not talking about the bacteria hiding everywhere that could eventually make you sick. Or all that mold that has collected in the bathtub that you haven't cleaned in weeks. You know the fury fungus looking stuff, that could sprout arms at any minute and reach out and grab you!

I'm saying your bathroom is literally a dangerous place.

A new survey regarding bathroom safety reveals that one in five people have legitimately injured themselves in the John.

Of that group, 22% broke a bone. 18% dislocated a shoulder or another body part and 14% of the people surveyed received a concussion.

Check this out, one individaul dislocated their shoulder trying to grab their iPhone out of the toilet. Proving once again that cell phones and toilets are not a good mix. Someone needs to invent the nonslip smartphone one of these days.

Another person knocked out three teeth on the sink when they were drunkenly taking off their pants. Hey, we've all been there before.

I'm just thankful my bathroom never attacked me back in the 80's, during all those nights I ended up sleeping on its floor. Whew! I got lucky.