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A lot of wonderful things begin to happen as two people enter into a committed relationship with each other. The sun shines just a little brighter, the birds sing just a little louder, and evidently food tastes a whole lot better too.

According to a new study, the number one cause of weight gain in a person is being in a relationship.

Yep, it's the bliss of a committed relation and not the 4 chocolate sundaes you eat each week that are packing on those pounds. Ok, who am I trying to kid, those chocolate sundaes play a big part too.

People who are in a relationship find it much easier to eat that fifth slice of pie knowing their sex life doesn't depend on impressing strangers anymore.

The study found 62% of people say they've gained at least 14 pounds since they got into a serious relationship. And three out of four people said their significant other also packed on the pounds once they hooked up.

A relationship gone wrong is also a big culprit for weight gain. As people who have recently had a romance that went south tend to snuggle up to the buffet line to comfort them after a bitter break-up.

Adding a few unsightly pounds isn't the only thing people aren't afraid to do once they've been hit by Cupid’s arrow.

The study showed that about half of couples let their guard down by burping in front of each other, passing gas in front of each other and even 25% of the women surveyed admitted they quit shaving their legs and arm pits less often.

I wonder if this research was conducted in Australia?