I talked about the right-turn-on-red rules at 10th and Minnesota on the show today (Friday), including the results of an analysis of ticket data from the Sioux Falls Police Department.

You can see those stats here.

But also during that P&L Statement I referenced the results of an hour of observation at that intersection by a member of the Falls Area Bicyclists, of which I'm also a member.

Those results will be part of the FAB presentation at the Sioux Falls City Council meeting at 7:00 PM on Tuesday.

You can learn more about the appearance and the ride leading up to it here.

But in advance, here are some general themes from the hour at the intersection:

  • A FAB board videoed for an hour at the corner of 10th Street & Minnesota Avenue from 10-11 a.m. on Thursday.
  • 119 cars turned right from Minnesota to 10th, going west.
  • 17 turned on the red light, of those 6 did not stop and barely slowed down.
  • 5 turned right while pedestrians were present, 3 of those did not stop at all.
  • All of the 17 looked to their left exclusively and did not even glance to the right. This is typically what happens.
  • 2 drivers were actually looking at their phones while turning right.
  • There were 25 pedestrians and 3 bicyclists during this time, covering the entire intersection.

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