All the moms of the world deserve a big raise or at least a hug.

A new study has found the average mom is now looking after at least six family members, one pet and holds down a job to boot!

Moms are working hard for the money and how! The study showed the average mom each day looks after her kids, her husband, her parents, her husband's parents and in some cases her grandchildren, stepchildren, even her grandparents, and her husband's grandparents.

That's a full plate of people. I'm not sure, but I think they may have overlooked the possibility that she could also be watching after her neighbor's third cousin in the process too?

Between looking after all of those people, the average mom is also cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, shopping, dressing kids, running errands, taking family members to doctor's appointments, running kids to school and to various other activities like softball, soccer and swimming, just to name a few.

When you total all that stuff up, it adds up to four-and-half hours each day! It seems like it should be way more than that, you know it?

With all the time mom spends caring for you and others each day, she has just a measly two hours for herself, and that's if she's lucky!

Sounds like it's time to let mom know how much you appreciate all she does? Better start to pass the hat around the house and work on getting her a box of chocolates, a "me" day at the spa, or maybe a week's vacation in the Caribbean.

I bet she'd even settle for a great BIG "I Love You!"

Daily Mail