This will surely get the attention of almost every parent on the planet!

There's a new study that claims being a parent really isn't a full-time job. The study found that the average parent only spends around 28 hours and nine minutes a week caring for their family, which in reality makes it a part-time job.

The study took everything into consideration, from entertaining the kids and cooking, to making beds and helping with homework.

Here's how they broke it down:

  • Eight hours and 36 minutes each week is spent entertaining the kids.
  • Four hours and 48 minutes cooking.
  • Three hours and 38 minutes doing chores.
  • And less than two hours each on things like: making beds, giving baths, driving kids to school and activities, helping with homework, running errands and taking care of the kids pets.

Needless to say, parents aren't exactly buying the findings. A whopping 92% of the parents surveyed said that having kids is without a doubt a full-time gig!

Agree or disagree? Let the rage begin!