The flu epidemic is sweeping the nation right now. Yuck! Hopefully you won't come down with it.

But, if you do, don't get bummed out. There are actually a few perks to being sick. Unless of course being sick means you're spending extended periods of time either on or in front of a toilet. There is definitely no upside to that!

But, if your flu symptoms include the random fever, body aches, coughing, sneezing and wheezing, keep these things in mind:

  • You get a sick day: Whether you're missing school or work, you still get a couple of days off. Sure you're not feeling the greatest...but it's better than being at work right?
  • No cooking or cleaning: Ok, this might apply to everyone, but having the flu is a perfect excuse to eat canned soup and not have to worry about doing the dishes, getting the laundry done or scrubbing some stupid toilet!
  • You get waited on: This could be the best reason yet! Whether it's a family member, your significant other or a close friend, you finally have someone at your beck and call for a change. Think about it,  a person to get you tissues, cough drops and that much needed bowl of soup.
  • Staying in your PJs and watching bad TV: You can doze off on the couch all day with really bad TV playing in the background. There's nothing like a few re-run episodes of The Ropers, Petticoat Junction, B.J. and the Bear or Mr. Belvedere to put you out! Why is it, whenever you're home sick there is never anything good on HBO or Showtime? When you have to go into to work, there is always that movie you've been wanting to watch for months that is on. It never fails. Oh well, I digress.
  • You now have an excuse to eat lots of ice cream: That's right, it soothes the throat. Or at least that is what you can keep telling yourself.

Should you get sick, remember to drink lots of fluids, snuggle under your warmest blanket and get well soon!