It's President's Day weekend, merchants are advertising sales like crazy and those sales will more than likely continue throughout next week. In fact, the whole month of February retailers are offering sale prices on winter inventory, as they start moving in the new stuff.

If you're looking for some very deeply discounted items Consumer Reports has a list for you of things that are particularly good buys.

  • Mattresses - Although CR advises that comparison shopping can be a nightmare because each mattress retailer has exclusive deals in place with manufacturers. Not to mention the fact that there are easily a trillion mattresses to choose from! (Okay I made that part up). They of course suggest checking their mattress ratings for advice.
  • Humidifiers - These are a really good buy right at about the time you've grown weary of the humor of electro-static shocks from your kids, the dog, light switches, and that fright wig hair you're sporting every time you take off a winter hat. Make sure whichever one you choose (warm or cold mist) is easy to clean, because they can harbor bacteria and cause illness if not cleaned thoroughly and often.
  • Interior paint - No you might not want to paint this weekend, but it is a good time to stock up on paint now and when you can open your windows, you'll be ready.
  • Snow blowers - Since February and March are supposed to be our snowiest months in South Dakota, it's a happy coincidence that these are discounted right now. CR estimates prices from $200 to around $1000, depending on kind of snow blower, (name brand) engine size, design, etc. But they also say that bigger isn't always better, there are some smaller machines which are more nimble and better performers, so shop around and decide what features you really want.
  • Winter sports gear and coats - Again retailers are making way for new spring merchandise, but you can be looking ahead to the next time you need a toasty warm parka and save on it.

For information on these products and more go to Consumer Reports online.

Source: Consumer Reports

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