I've been involved in some epic April Fools jokes in my life.  And being in radio I've had some pretty stellar resources at my disposal to help pull them off.  A few examples of our past pranks include: -"Beer Truck Breaks Down in Sioux Falls.  Beer must be given away before it spoils", "Garth Brooks Bus Breaks Down in Sioux Falls.  Free concert this afternoon at Sherman Park", "Phone Company announces Spring Cleaning event.  They will be blowing out the phone lines today.  Be sure to cover your phone before you leave for work".  Most everyone who was taken in by the well intentioned pranking responded with good natured laughter.  There were a few however that responded with a rather unwell intention hand gesture.  It's to be expected.

I was doing a little digging online for April Fools jokes gone good.  What I found is some good and some just mean.  Take a look at some of these.  What do you think?