In the crazy busy of our daily lives it is so easy to forget about those familys that are sacrificing so much so we don't have to. Our military men and women are giving so much.

   This summer I was talking to a young marine from Sioux Falls when the conversation turned to the topic of how they are sacrificing their lives in a sand dune as we go about our daily lives complaining about traffic and how the waitress at the sports bar served us the wrong plate of wings.  This soldier shared a point of view with me that just made me pause with gratitude. He said "That is why we serve."  That plain.  That simple.  They serve so we can live our normal lives without interruption. We can never thank them enough for all they do. Watch this video. Feel the emotion. Then remember this the next time your path intersects the path of one of our great military men & women. God Bless them all!