Wow, have the times changed!

When I was young finding out you needed to get braces was like receiving a death sentence!

I was fortunate enough not to need braces, but I had plenty of friends who did. I can remember all of them being so depressed upon hearing the news and having practically every kid in school call you “metal mouth!"  Ah, to be young again!

Welcome to 2013. Now getting braces is considered a fashion trend and kids are paying up to a hundred dollars to get FAKE metal mouths in countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

These fake braces come in different themes like "Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse."

Any parent, who has had to buy braces for their child, already knows how expensive a venture it can be. That’s why in some foreign countries, braces have become a status symbol.

Teens like to show off that they can afford them, even if they are just the fake kind.

Get ready parents, you just know that trend will make its way to the states before long. Soon your child will be begging you to get designer braces. Good luck!