Thanks to social media and pretty much EVERYTHING being on the internet, I'm amazed at some of the bizarre calls that police have to deal with on a daily basis.

A Dell Rapids woman called the police this weekend to scare her kid who had stolen a candy bar. I saw a report of a woman who called 911 this summer to complain that her neighbor's air conditioner had been running for three continuous days and the noise was bothering her. Yet another woman called the police to complain of the odor from her neighbor's choice of dryer sheets coming from the neighbors house and the smell bothering the caller (yes all completely true and RECENT calls to area police)

But a Brookings man may have taken the cake when he called to file a theft complaint totaling approximately $150. He reported the theft of three packs of cigarettes, a glass pipe and five grams of marijuana.

No arrests have been made but police do have a suspect. Guessing the caller may be getting a little extra attention as well.