A Brookings police officer has found himself in some hot water in the wake of the sniper attacks that took place on Thursday, July 7, 2016, in Dallas, Texas.

Officer Joe Fishbaugher has been placed on administrative leave after a Facebook post he made sparked an internal investigation.

Fishbaugher, identified as 'Joe Fish' on Facebook posted the following comment last Thursday, "I have never in my career wanted to strap on my gear and go hunting more then I do at this moment as I listen to the Police scanner in Dallas Texas."

As you might expect, the post created quite the firestorm.

Fishbaugher's, 'Joe Fish' profile has since been removed from the social media site.

The Brookings Police Department is "taking the matter very seriously," says Police Chief Jeff Miller.

According to Miller, "Such Facebook postings do not represent; and are contrary to the views of the City of Brookings Police Department.  The Department is committed to upholding the civil rights of all individuals with whom we come into contact.  On behalf of the Department, I apologize for the officer’s comments."

Fishbaugher has worked as a school resource officer for the city of Brookings since 2001.

Source: KDLT TV