Here in South Dakota (and many more states across the country) local government is trying to cut down on the amount of car accidents by banning texting while driving (though I got passed on I-229 last night by a woman driving with her knees, texting and doing 75 in a 65, but that's another story)

I understand the intent behind the new law. Trying to cut down on distracted driving, but how far will the laws go? From switching stations on the radio to pre-teens fighting in the back seat to a crying baby because he's hungry, will they all get banned?

And speaking of crying hungry babies, I get that a mother's instinct is to feed them, but while driving? And worse yet, while riding a bicycle?? Yep, it happened, and the mom was ticketed.

What do or did you do in situations like that? Driving/biking with a hungry baby. Do you pull over? Wait til you get home? Or feed the baby and keep going?