Hey all you less than punctual people out there, I have some great news for you. You're not late all the time because you're rude or inconsiderate, you my friend have a lateness addiction!

In age when society seems like it makes up medical conditions to give people excuses for almost everything, here comes the latest...a "lateness addition."

A new study out of San Francisco University found that about 17% of people are chronically late.

A person who is chronically late is superficially motivated by the misplaced notion that she or he, his or her needs and his or her interests are somehow more important than the other people in their lives.

According to the study, the people who were chronically late all shared similar traits. They tend to procrastinate more, had more trouble with self-control and had trouble focusing.

Those are the most common signs of chronic lateness, proving it might be an ingrained part of the personalities of the people who are continually late.

The researchers said the last thing you should do is tell a person who is late all the time, to stop being late! They claim it's not as simple as telling someone who is trying to adhere to a diet to stop eating so much.

Do you buy into the fact that someone can suffer from a lateness addition? If you do, I have some lovely beachfront property on Wall Lake in January that I want to sell you.