The good news is yes. The bad news, you won't be fitting into your skinny jeans anytime soon.

Researchers have figured out how many calories you burn each time you click your mouse. The answer is, not much! It works out to be the equivalent of 0.00142 calories.

Let's assume the average office worker clicks his or her mouse about 5000 times a day. If that's the case, they would be burning a whopping SEVEN calories. Which is almost one whole baby carrot!

Here's another way to look at the situation. Let's say you're using the "mouse click workout regiment" and you eat a Burger King Whopper, which by the way contains 670 calories. It would take about 472,000 clicks of your mouse to burn one off. Better not have fries and a soda with that!

That could end up being the laziest form of exercise available known to man. If you're relying on that, you probably better not cancel that gym membership quite yet.